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Taiwan Masks is an authorized retail partner for some of Taiwan's largest mask manufacturers.
Our mission has always been simple - to share these high quality products with the rest of the world as face masks have been part of the Asian daily routine for decades. Taiwan's unrivaled ingenuity, quality control, and experience make them the best face masks in the world.

CSD is by far the most famous and sought-after face mask brand in Asia, combining high quality personal protection with high fashion. Its masks are often worn by celebrities and connoisseurs who have made their face masks a true fashion accessory. CSD masks are extremely hard to find as they are produced in very small quantities, and often collaborate with other brands like Elle, Tsum Tsum, and Disney to create limited edition items who are sought by collectors.

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Taiwan Comfort Champ is one of the largest face mask factories in Taiwan and part of the "National Team" of manufacturers that supply the government. It's brand UNeed is a basic, everyday product that uses high quality materials with >99% PFE/BFE/VFE while being one of the most cost friendly face masks. Taiwan Masks is a proud partner of TCC and offer multiple colors and styles.

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With 2 decades of experience in non-woven fabric processing and manufacturing, Yiting is one of the oldest names in the face mask industry. Yiting is also completely vertically integrated, producing everything from the raw materials to the masks themselves. Yiting products are currently sold on Taiwan Masks Hong Kong.