Frequently Asked Questions

Our Products

Where do your products come from?

TWM sources all products direct from factories located in Taiwan, and every component of the mask is 100% Made in Taiwan. All masks are sold in their original packaging and are labelled for import under FDA regulations.

Are your products authentic?

Our products are guaranteed 100% authentic and come directly from the factory source. We don't buy from brokers. In addition, we require all of our factories to be registered with the FDA, have active listings, and conform to Nelson Lab/SGS testing.

Are your products for medical use?

Although our products are FDA registered and all have >95% Nelson Lab and/or SGS filtration ratings, we are purposely not labelling them for use in medical environments due to legal and liability reasons. If you are looking for surgical, procedural, or ASTM products, please visit our surgical masks section.

As such, all of our packaging are original and unaltered from the manufacturer, with the exception of an English label for import purposes.

Do you sell N95 respirators?

We do not carry N95 respirators.

What are add-on items?

There are 2 reasons we have add-on items. They may be too light to ship on their own or are products designed for customers to try. Add-on items must be purchased with other products as they are not cost effective to ship on their own.

VIP Club

What is the TWM VIP Club? How do I join?

Our VIP Club is a Facebook group for current customers where you can find exclusive deals, discounts, and product announcements. Joining is absolutely free - all we ask is that you share our website or product with friends and family on social media.

Large Orders

I have a larger order, who should I speak with?

We currently offer product bundles which provide additional savings if you wish to order in larger quantities. In addition, if you represent a charitable organization, we will offer a 30% discount on all products. Please contact us for more information.

Shipping & Returns

Do you ship to Canada?

We do! However, customers are responsible for any customs or additional taxes from CBP.

Do you ship Internationally?

We are working on shipping to other parts of Asia, Australia, and Europe!

What is your return policy?

Due to the personal nature of our products, they are not refundable or exchangeable once they have been shipped. If you wish to cancel your order, please notify us before it ships.

Damaged Items

Taiwan Masks will offer refunds or exchanges only when the masks inside the packaging boxes are damaged, wet, or ripped during the shipping process, which is extremely rare. Due to how easily outer boxes can be damaged during shipping, a lot of online retailers have decided not to use boxes at all, which we feel lowers the overall appearance of the items but in doing so, they avoid returns or refunds for "damaged" products because there's no box to be damaged during shipping.

Therefore, Taiwan Masks has decided not to issue refunds or exchanges simply for damaged boxes, but we will happily offer returns or exchanges for damaged masks or those that are unusable (such as missing ear loops, rips, etc).

I pre-ordered something, when is it shipping?

Pre-orders are subject to availability directly from the factory. The wait time can be as little as 1 week or as long as 4 weeks, depending on the product. In the event that you no longer wish to wait, please contact us to start your cancellation process.

How do you calculate shipping?

Our shipping rates are based on the lowest rates found via USPS and UPS, and are calculated automatically based on dimensional weight. Since masks are so light, shipping companies charge based on volume rather than weight, such as with books or other products.