decent rossi

decent rossi Hair Wash Powder - 50g

Pharmacist formulated and tested  🌱 plant-based hair wash powder for ultra sensitive skin. 100% cruelty free and never tested on animals.


A natural shampoo for ultra sensitive skin

The decent rossi Hair Wash Powder is a plant-based shampoo that was designed to be super gentle to hair and scalp while removing oil and treating irritation. Formulated and tested by its pharmacist inventor, it's the perfect alternative to commercial chemical shampoos and for those with sensitive skin, dandruff, and oily or inflamed skin.

All Decent Rossi products are cruelty free and never tested on animals.

Perfect for:

  • Oily, irritable, or itchy scalp
  • Dandruff
  • Inflamed hair follicles
  • Red or smelly scalp


    • Hair wash powder (50 grams)
    • Ingredients: 
  • Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Zea Mays (Corn Starch), Hydroxyacetophenone (vegan), Betaine, Allantoin, Zinc PCA
  • Expiration: 2 years
  • Storage: Close the lid properly tightly and store in a dry, cool place. Avoid direct sunlight

Using our hair powder

Why decent rossi

Formulated by Rossi Yang, a pharmacist who was diagnosed with Seborrheic dermatitis due to chemicals in commercial shampoos.

Gentle enough for pregnant women, babies, and patients undergoing radiation treatment.

100% Made in Taiwan from plant-based ingredients without any animal products.

decent rossi Hair Wash Powder - 50g